Scale your business with leadlancing.

We help you close more clients by doing cold email outreach for you.
Focus on what you do best.

Leadlancing turns leads into prospects.

Using the right tools and system,
we send individually personalized email.

That gets read and replied to.



10+ sales calls per month.

Or you get your money back.

The leadlancing Process

  1. Understand your client persona.

  2. Launch hyper-personalized email campaigns.

  3. Receive leads who are ready for a sales call on your Inbox.

Not all leads are created equal.

Leadlancing books you meetings with them.

Why scale your business with Leadlancing?

  • Risk-free -- Money back guarantee

  • All leads are exclusive

  • Cold outreach is done for you

  • Don't need oversight

  • Will optimize campaign to bring you satisfactory results

  • No training needed

  • Already has the right system, tools, and reporting in place

  • Lower overhead cost compared to hiring full time

  • Working remotely

Fill your pipeline with sales opportunities.

Have an Inbox with potential clients
waiting for your reply.

You don't need to deal
with cold leads again.

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Scale your business with leadlancing.

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